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What We Do

Flavor Dynamics is a business-to-business flavor producer that prides itself on its creativity, consistency, quality, and dedication to customer care.

We are eager to work with you to meet your specific needs. Depending on the application, we can supply one of the thousands of products in our ever-expanding flavor library or use our creative flavor group to craft the perfect custom flavor for your application.

FDI is particularly adept at developing innovative approaches to challenging flavoring systems, like those found in many microwavable and savory applications. Our Chef-Assist® line of flavor compliments, for example, is catered directly to Research Chefs and Food Technologists that need to translate gold-standard ideations into market-ready food products.

We at Flavor Dynamics are continuously rethinking the way that flavor creation can be married to new scientific concepts, approaches, and technologies. We pride ourselves on the development of cutting-edge innovations, like our computer program for sensory analysis, the Dynamic Flavor Profile Method®.

From working with you on your initial flavor applications to making sure that every order is of consistent, reliable quality, our experienced team is up to any challenge. Contact a salesperson today to find out how we can help make your products better - to help make your business grow.

Our history

Dolf DeRovira - President CEO a flavor chemist since 1972 with a strong reputation in the flavor industry, founded Flavor Dynamics, Inc. in 1989 when he felt the need to strike out on his own. "I had worked within the industry for a long time and as my career progressed I began forming my own opinions about how a flavor company should operate. I thought that I could institute policies based on my observations and run an innovative, professional enterprise more effectively than the competition."

Dolf DeRovira set up shop in a small Somerset, New Jersey plant with just five employees - several of whom remain to this day. The company made a quick splash in the industry with its popular beverage and savory flavorings, so much so that they had outgrown their original plant within just three years.

By 1999, Flavor Dynamics was bursting beyond the limitations of their second plant and the move was made to their present location in South Plainfield, New Jersey. This new facility includes enough space to allow FDI's entire operation - from research and development, production, and quality control through sales and customer service - to be located under one roof.

Over time, Flavor Dynamics has gradually expanded into nearly all segments of the flavor industry, from simple food and beverage flavors to more complicated masking flavors for difficult pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or microwave applications. Members of our staff have held prestigious posts within several trade organizations, including the Society of Flavor Chemists, the Chemical Sources Association, the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Research Chefs Association. FDI has also made an impact on the future of the flavor industry by creating educational and technological tools, as well as through leading a variety of professional seminars.

Moving into the future, Flavor Dynamics hopes to continue its growth and expansion while holding on to its small-business, customer service-oriented approach. We feel strongly that our successful future is dependent upon remembering the core values and methods we have developed in the past.

Classes and Seminars

Members of our staff have taught or developed a variety of courses and seminars on the science of flavors at several educational facilities. Some of these include:


Other Miscellaneous Seminars Include:

  • "Fat Interactions with Flavors," Institute of Food Technologists - Short Courses.

  • "Flavors in the Real World," Candy and Confectioner's Association.

  • "Flavor Nomenclature Seminar," Local Institute of Food Technologists.

  • "The Training of a Flavor Chemist," Society of Flavor Chemists.

  • "From Palate to Pilot Plant," Association for Salads and Dressings.


Please e-mail us for information on any upcoming events.

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