Organic Sweet and Tropical Flavors

FDI introduces certified organic flavors. Our new line of organic certified flavors offers sweet and tropical options. These flavors are perfect for your clean label requirements. Enhance your beverage or food systems with a variety of sweet options. Look no further, we have the answer.
These flavors are allergen free, Non-GMO and vegan.

Flavor systems for Cannabis

We support the health focused Cannabis industry with a large library of sweet and savory flavors. whether you are flavoring elixirs, tinctures, baked goods, confection or beverages, our flavors are designed to customize your taste preferences and mask off notes. Our large library is diverse and can support your product label requirements.

Cream Flavor for Non-Dairy Products

Cream Flavors for your non-dairy and reduced dairy applications. This flavor will enhance the creamy, buttery quality, tastant characteristics, and mouthfeel quality. All while masking any off notes. This customized system offers increased flavor retention and a more authentic taste experience.
Enhance your alternative dairy application with a vegan friendly, GMO free, no allergen option.

Tropical Flavors for Hard Seltzer Brands

Flavor Dynamics, Inc. offers a library of tropical flavors for your hard seltzer brand. These refreshing flavor profiles include global superfruits and add a low calorie, sugar free appeal to your seltzer beverage.
Enhance your summer line up with our Dragon Fruit, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Lime or Tropical Punch flavors. Available in clean label options, allergen free and kosher.

Meat Flavors for Pet Foods and Treats

Your pet food and novelties can offer an authentic meaty flavor experience. Our library includes beef, chicken, lamb, salmon and fish type flavors. Weather you require liquid or dry flavors, all natural and clean label options are available. These flavors offer a variety of culinary experiences including grilled, broth type, baked or pan seared profiles for example.

No allergen Chocolate and Peanut Butter Flavors

Flavor Dynamics, Inc. offers flavors that are perfect for products that help the consumer transition to a healthier lifestyle. Our decadent Peanut Butter and chocolate flavors will enhance your healthy snack with a dessert experience. In addition, your protein/granola bars can offer an allergen free option that is also low calorie, kosher, Non GMO, and vegan.

Mocktail & Non-Alcohol Beer Flavors

Flavor Dynamics, Inc. offers an extensive line of flavors for the craft beer and cocktail developer looking to create a complex mixed drink or a straight up spirit without the alcohol. Your beverage can be smooth and refreshing with our flavors. So indulge in our Mojito, Pina Colada, Tequila, Bourbon or Hops and experience the difference. We offer natural, kosher, Non GMO, gluten free and vegan options.

Meat Flavor Alternatives for Plant Proteins

Supporting the trending demand for plant-based foods, Flavor Dynamics, Inc. offers meat flavors for your meat alternative products. Our high quality chicken and beef flavors will enhance the sometimes challenging or undesirable flavor characteristics of a plant based product. Offering depth and character to your systems, these flavors are available all Natural, Kosher, Non GMO and Vegan options.

Vegan Chicken? How clean is your label?

Our powdered natural chicken flavors are excellent for your savory dishes. Our library includes fried, brothy, baked and roasted profiles. Also available in liquid format, these flavors can be Non-GMO, gluten-free and Organic. If you are looking to improve taste in your culinary application or create cost efficiency, our flavors are outstanding in your analog, sauce, marinade, rub, stock, dips or refrigerated and frozen foods. We can help bring out the meaty character in your dish.

Is Bourbon the new Bacon? 10 examples why.

2019 brings in the Bourbon as a standalone brown spirit flavor or combined with other flavors to create Intense culinary experiences that consumers love to explore. Blend our bourbon flavor with profiles of nuts, bacon, vegetables and a variety of sweet flavors to make your sauces, jams, rubs, baked goods, sweet confections or beverage profiles pop. Like Bacon, Bourbon goes with everything. Our flavors are available liquid or dry, natural, Non-GMO and clean label.

Taste the beautiful profile of the purple Brazilian Mango

Mango is the most popular tropical fruit. A Brazilian Mango has a fresh, rich, exotic taste and aroma. This luscious fruit flavor is perfect in tea, smoothie mixes, sauces, jams, baked goods, dressings and any dairy application. Add a fruity nuance to your culinary dishes as well. We offer our mango profile all natural, Non-GMO and organic. A taste of our mango flavor will bring you back to the Islands.

Natural Beef Flavors

Non GMO, Vegan, Water Soluble.

Suitable for use in analogs or meat containing products where you need to enhance the flavor or cost reduce your system.

What are you biggest challenges? We can help you find the solution to your clean label requirements.



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