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COFFEE flavors




  coffee flavors for spring 

N/A Scotcharoo

Creamy peanut butter rice Krispie dipped in butterscotch and chocolate.

N/A Blueberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake topped with soft sweet cream and blueberry jam.

N/A Chocolate Blueberry Creme

Rich chocolate truffles filled with blueberry cream.

N/A Chocolate Mini Egg

Classic milk chocolate eggs with a sugar shell.

N/A Chocolate Irish Stout

Roasted Irish stout with a creamy chocolate finish.


  coffee flavors for fall 

Raspberry Cookies & Crème

Raspberry wafer cookie.

Peanut Butter Pie

Rich creamy peanut butter in a cookie crust.

Spiced Caramel Pear

Caramelized pear with a touch of spice.

Mixed Berry Pie

A blend of sweet berries in a traditional pie crust.

Pineapple Trifle

A layered dessert with vanilla cream and pineapple.

Bourbon Truffle

Rich chocolate candy filled with bourbon.

Crunchy Cookie

Sweet, nutty toffee sugar cookie.

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