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FLAVORCOAT® is a line of remarkably shelf-stable flavors for hot tea that uses a new water-soluble and heat-triggered release system to deliver the products´ flavor nuances at just the right moment during steeping. Flavorcoat® products are created through a unique multi-step dehydration process that makes the flavor particles hard enough to stand up to the rigors of the tea-bag filling process while being a perfect size and bulk density for blending with cut tea. The products readily dissolve during standard steeping time and resist both clumping due to excessive moisture and segregation due to vibration during packaging and shipping.

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The DFPM is a marriage of two previously unrelated analytical methods for flavor inquiry, the linear time/intensity system and the radial attribute analysis approach. The Dynamic Flavor Profile Method® Computer Program was created in order to facilitate the use of this new method by allowing food product developers and sensory specialists to record testers' taste perceptions in this attribute-plus-time/intensity style, thereby helping to streamline the development, evaluation and standardization of food roducts.



CHEF-ASSIST® Flavor Compliments is a unique line of oil-souble, dried and water-soluble flavors designed with the research chef and food technologist in mind. It can be used to save time in product preparation, enhance and bolster flavor profiles and recapture tastes lost during harsh cooking and freezing process.

FOND-ATIONS® is a subset of the Chef-Assist® line that can be used to replace or reinforce the flavor of fonds or stocks in any application. The notes it provides are remarkably true-to-life thanks to a specialized flavor creation methodology that utilizes the Maillard process to mimic the real-world changes that meats experience when subjected to dry-cooking conditions.


Healthy Solutions

Our Healthy Solutions line of products includes replacers and enhancers that allow food producers to reduce or completely eliminate the use of certain unhealthy ingredients. The line includes Lipo-Hance, a fat enhancer/replacer, Mayo-Hance, a mayonnaise enhancer/replacer, and enhancer/replacer products for HVP, MSG, Salt, Soy, Sweeteners, Whey and Yeast.

Flavor Dynamics Odor & Taste Kit

Our Odor and Taste Kit translates flavor industry vernacular into an understandable and standardized tasting nomenclature. Users of the kit get to experience several key flavors and odors in isolation so that they can learn to better identify them when working with a complex food application.

Coffee Cuppers Kit

Coffee Cuppers Kit Our Odor and Taste Kit has been designed to enable coffee roasters to familiarize themselves with the accepted vernacular of Experts from the Specialty Coffee Association.  It is designed to explore terminology of green bean and roasted coffee flavor profiles.

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