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Organic Sweet and Tropical Flavors

FDI introduces certified organic flavors. Our new line of organic certified flavors offers sweet and tropical options. These flavors are perfect for your clean label requirements. Enhance your beverage or food systems with a variety of sweet options. Look no further, we have the answer.
These flavors are allergen free, Non-GMO and vegan.

Flavor systems for Cannabis

We support the health focused Cannabis industry with a large library of sweet and savory flavors. whether you are flavoring elixirs, tinctures, baked goods, confection or beverages, our flavors are designed to customize your taste preferences and mask off notes. Our large library is diverse and can support your product label requirements.

Cream Flavor for Non-Dairy Products

Cream Flavors for your non-dairy and reduced dairy applications. This flavor will enhance the creamy, buttery quality, tastant characteristics, and mouthfeel quality. All while masking any off notes. This customized system offers increased flavor retention and a more authentic taste experience.
Enhance your alternative dairy application with a vegan friendly, GMO free, no allergen option.

latest news

Dolf DeRovira receives the Golden Blotter from the SFC

We are so proud to announce that Dolf DeRovira our President and CEO has been honored by his peers at the Society of Flavor Chemists with the Golden Blotter Award. The Golden Blotter award is awarded by the Board of Directors in recognition of an individual’s great activity in our society and influence on many peoples’ careers. Dolf has mentored so many talented flavor chemists that have passed through our doors, and it is through them and their successes that he is most proud. Thank you to the Society of Flavor Chemists for Honoring Dolf DeRovira.

Welcome Jane Hempel

Please join us in welcoming Jane Hempel to our FDI sales team.
Jane is located in Minnesota, and will be covering some of our Midwest states.
With an extensive background as a National and Regional Development Manager in the food service industry.
her expertise has been in the equipment arena with strong relationships in the casual dining marketplace.
Jane has a broad portfolio of achievements in sales, marketing and management.
We are so excited to have her on our team.


“We send out our thoughts and wishes to everyone for the health and safety of your families. Our dedicated employees are here to assist our customers in any way that we can. We are committed to providing the quality flavors you need to keep your product in the marketplace during this critical time.

We are taking all the required steps to keep our staff and the environment in which our flavors are made, as clean and safe as possible. So please join us. Continue to keep everyone around you safe and healthy.