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 Eggtraordinary Flavors 

Eggs are a good source of protein and are versatile. They are a breakfast and baking staple. Like other food and beverage categories, plant-based egg innovation abounds. 30% of consumers are either somewhat likely or extremely likely to choose vegan eggs over the conventional variety, according to a GlobalData survey. Flavor Dynamics, Inc. offers eggcellent egg flavors such as scrambled eggs or salted egg yolks in Natural, Vegan, non-GMO, and No allergen formulas. Our flavors enhance the richness of both savory and sweet applications. Don’t get egg on your face! Contact us now and request a sample.

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Highlighted Egg Flavors

N/A Salted Egg Yolk

Natural Egg Type

Natural Egg OS Type

Natural Egg Powder Type

N/A Scrambled Type

Natural Egg Yolk OS Type

N/A Egg Replacer Powder

N/A Egg

Natural Egg Yolk Powder Type

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